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for DAVEBILT CO.'s #43 Nutcracker

for both Domestic and International orders.



~~ ~~ UPDATE: 2/14/2022~~


We are changing our email for those who want to be put on the waiting list:


If you want to hold your place in line, email me at:  davebilt43@gmail.com



~~ UPDATE: 11/2/2021~~


We have been SO overwhelmed with orders that we have decided to put the website(s) on HOLD until we can make sure we have enough materials to make all of the nutcracker orders.


We apologize for this inconvenience,


but we can not work ourselves to death meeting the orders AND potentially loose money doing so!


We will resume taking back-orders as soon as we can find the time to make sure we have enough parts.


Thank you for your understanding and patience!




* Please review our Terms and Conditions for International orders;

link in lower left hand corner for more details


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