Davebilt #43 Nutcracker

Davebilt #43 Nutcracker

Manufactured by Davebilt Co. this nut cracker boasts the ability to hand crack a variety of nuts in minutes.

#43 Nutcracker was designed to crack Filberts aka Hazelnuts, English Walnuts, Domestic Pecans and Almonds.

Some folks have been using this machine to crack some varieties of acorns with very favorable results.

The hopper holds more than one nut at a time. This is not a toy. Shells and meats will not fly all over the room.

The heavy gauge steel and bronze bearing construction assures long life with continued use.

Saves you $$$

With a simple adjustment you can quickly crack different sizes, shapes and variety of nuts.

Cracking capacity: 50 lbs. English Walnuts per Hour. High percentage of nutmeats in halves

Energy saver

Money back guarantee

NOT to be used on the following: Black Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Hickory Nuts or Native Pecans. (Okay for Domestic Pecans!)


UPS shipments need a physical address as they will not deliver to Post Office Boxes.

Thank you for your patience while we build your nutcracker!  Prices subject to change without notice due to increasing steel and shipping costs.

International shipping automatically adds $15.00 for reinforced corners on packaging.

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