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for DAVEBILT CO.'s #43 Nutcracker

for both Domestic and International orders.

First, I'd like to Thank Everyone for placing an order with us for our products!   This is our normally busy season, but THIS Year tops the record for orders! That being said, we are a small family business and can only make so many items per week.... which means that due to the overwhelming amount of orders, the Christmas deadline was moved forward this year!  Normally November 1st is the deadline that we've been able to comfortably meet in the past... but projecting orders versus weeks left before Christmas, meant that the deadline needed to be moved up to Oct. 21st. And I honestly don't know until we get closer to Christmas shipping time, if we'll be able to get them all out before then, without killing ourselves

- and we don't want that!

I will try to answer any inquiries about orders, but please understand that time in the office means time away from the shop, thus slowing down production.  We are welding them up as fast as we can, while maintaining the quality and workmanship that we at Davebilt Co. are known for.  

Thanks again.... May your harvests always be bountiful. ~Rose


~~ UPDATE: 11/2/2021~~

We have been SO overwhelmed with orders that we have decided to put the website(s) on HOLD until we can make sure we have enough materials to make all of the nutcracker orders.

We apologize for this inconvenience,

but we can not work ourselves to death meeting the orders AND potentially loose money doing so!

We will resume taking back-orders as soon as we can find the time to make sure we have enough parts.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!


~~ ~~ UPDATE: 11/3/2021~~

We are taking names to be put on an email notification list, when we start taking orders again.

If you want to hold your place in line, email me at:  shop@davebilt.com

* Please review our Terms and Conditions for International orders;

link in lower left hand corner for more details


 Thank you for visiting.